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Mr Baxter is an information service run by experts in jewellery and events

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Kate McCoy

Kate McCoy

Bling and Ring creator

Under the Mr Baxter umbrella, Kate McCoy is here to help you understand whats involved in choosing a stone. Her aim is to educate you on diamonds and coloured gemstones so you can make an informed decision on a design and budget that suits you.

If you need a design, or want to buy a stone, you can engage with Kate McCoy Jewellery to make it happen.

Kate McCoy is the one stop shop for engagement rings. A gemologist, diamond grader and jewellery designer, McCoy offers a service like no other. Personable and experienced she acquires her stones wholesale from all over the world, bringing them directly to you at the right price.

Specialising in designing and sourcing exclusively faceted gemstones, she can design a special gemstone cut just for you, or you can choose from her gem collections.

Bree Gomberg

Bree Gomberg

Pulls rabbits out of hats (Magical Proposal Planner)

Bree Gomberg puts a touch of magic into every proposal and event she delivers.

Original or quirky, traditional or adventurous, a proposal is an intimate moment between you and your partner that reflects your style, your relationship and will be remembered and re-told for years to come.

Its your time to shine Gentlemen!

Finding it hard to access your inner romantic?

Want to know that when it comes to the day, all you have to do is turn up and pull a rabbit (ring) out of a hat (box)?

Be it restaurant booking, secret champagne picnic or orchestra, White Rabbit Projects can make your proposal a breeze!

Bree (Taylor) Gomberg is the Founder of Sydney Event Emporium WHITE RABBIT PROJECTS. Organising Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Hen’s Nights, Fashion Events, Pop-Up Stores, Proposals, Corporate Events, Weddings and Engagement Parties.

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